4G / 5G Backup Policy

Our Motto is “We keep you Connected”

For cable Internet customers and for those customers desiring a reliable Internet backup,  we provide the following.  Please make sure your quote contains the capabilities described in red.

Our Four Backup Methods (in order of reliability)

Installed Flat Rate Cellular Backup SIM Cards: A CELLULAR BACKUP CAPABLE ROUTER is installed with a SIM CARD that enables within 1 second of a primary Internet loss. Here is a video on it’s operation.

Tethering to Your Android Phone: All  PEPWAVE/PEPLINK  routers are capable of tethering an Android phone 4G 5G Tethering to Pepwave Routers to the router for Internet backup.

Our Emergency Internet 4G Routers: We maintain a few emergency 4G routers with active SIM cards ready to deploy. One account has a static IP.  First come, first served but so far we only run out after a hurricane.

On Demand SIM card: We order a SIM card. You retrieve from the retail store and install into your 4G capable router.

Unlimited Data Plans 

We must order a SIM card through a cellular company employee we know. The cost are as follows (updated 6-10-2021)

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile- 100GB/mo for $50/mo (Best value if you have coverage)
  • Verizon – 15GB, 22GB or 30GB depending on the supporting plan for about $55/mo. (Best coverage, most expensive)

Do You Have 4G / 5G Coverage

We use www.cellmapper.net to find towers. Line of site of under 3 miles is desired with a low point half-way between the tower and your site.

We can also install antennas on roofs for better coverage.