Door Open Button + Door Call Box + Door Camera


Door Open Button – your locksmith or alarm company installs this first
  • Installs electric door latch or magnetic bar latch. It does not matter to us.
  • Door opens with the push of a simple normally open push button. It’s your basic door bell button.
  • If door opens with a door keypad, it STILL must ALSO open with a button press.
  • This button must be installed in your phone room next to our equipment.
We interface to the door open button
  • We cut off the door bell push button from the wire and wire the connections into our equipment.
  • Now, a new “door open” button on your phone system functions identically to the button we cut off.
Door Call Box – speak to the visitor before door open
  • We can add a door call box that acts like a phone. Press the door box call button and it rings your office phones.
  • You answer from any phone and then open the door by
    • Following directions of Telephone LCD prompt
    • You already know to press a DTMF digit as we trained you to do so.
Door Camera – see the visitor before door open
  • We can add a door camera that can be viewed like a web page from any PC or smart phone browser
  • A button on the browser can ALSO open the door.
  • Verify identity and open door for late night UPS delivery while you are off site !