Approved Quality of Service Methods

Voice is fragile. We need to cooperate with your IT vendor to guarantee the voice won’t get “stepped on” resulting in poor audio quality. We also wish to provide 4G backup to voice AND YOUR DATA ROUTER if you purchased this option.

Best option is we are your only (Internet) router.

Routers are actually a telecommunications concept, not IT.  Routers are a core skill of Infotel Systems. We are well versed in VPN and have 100’s of customers with a VPN connection to our data center. We can handle any protocol or security need. We can replace any Internet router. You benefit from our 4G backup if provided for data. Maintenance is covered for voice customers.

Or if you need to keep your IT companies Internet router, read all options below in order or recommendations

You have Verizon 1GIG FIOS Internet

Actually 300Mbps or better is generally ok. We share a fat Verizon FIOS pipe with the IT company on a separate IP address. No QOS is used. The pipe just does not get clogged. It’s also so good, you don’t need 4G backup.

Your data router is behind our router

Your data router has a WAN IP address that is on our router. We pass through to it everything it needs. Data gets to use 4G. Not recommended if you use a router VPN.

We use drop-in-mode (Limited 4G backup for data)

We are ahead of your data router and invisible to your data router. We use a special voice router built for this. You must have more than one (1) IP address. Let’s say you have five (5) . We”drop-in” ahead of the data router and take one IP and the other four pass-through to the data router. Your IT company can’t tell we are there. One 4G backup drawback. If say your Comcast Internet fails,  the 4G backup will only work for voice calls and anything on the voice network.  It will not cover the data network.  You would need to move computers to the voice network. Not unreasonable but not automatic.

Peer connection –  (Limited 4G backup for data)

Your Internet pipe has over 100Mbps in both directions and your data router limits itself to a 100Mbps ethernet connection or is programmed to never exceed 90% of the pipes capacity. Same 4G backup drawback as above.