Romp n’ Roll Franchise Telecommunications Guide – updated 12-12-2017

***Stage one – virtual phone system***

1)  Provide to

  • your name.
  • a complete street address of your new building.
  • expected opening day.
  • your cell phone number.
  • your email address.

2) Infotel establishes your virtual service

  • We provide a local voice number and establishes voice services that:
    •  fwds calls to your cell phone during business hours.
    • takes a message after 5pm and forwards to your email as a wav file.
    • is text-enabled to accept text messages and allow you to send texts to one or many customers.
  • provides you

3) Now go market yourself and your new telephone number as soon as possible!

***Stage two – physical phones complete the system***

4) You advise us when the building has power and is secure.

5) We order mid-grade Internet service.

6.1) You decide on the # of phones you require of the “SIP 27 Mono Display”

7) You will need standard 568B CAT5 data jacks for each “SIP 27”  phone that:

  • is installed by a local contractor you hire.
  • provides a jack at each phone location. These are usually two phones at the reception desk. Possibly a third phone in a manager’s office.
  • runs back to a small 12 port vertical CAT5 patch panel located next to the Internet router.
  • See the red section in the diagram below.

We suggest you run a 2nd cable for data such as a PC or printer.  Wired connections are far more reliable than wifi and thus more cost effective in the long run.

8)  We ship you a pre-configured VoIP phone system that consist of:

  • a router that you plug in to your Internet device.
  • phones that plug into:
    • the wall jack of the data cabling as described in item 7.
    • an AC outlet for power.

9)  If the telephone system fails to “plug and play”, you must be able to:

  • connect a laptop to your network and surf the Internet.
  • establish a Skype session from your cell phone.

The cost and details of this system is listed here but we are installing the “SIP 27 Mono Display” phone as pictured here.