Romp n’ Roll Franchise Telecommunications Guide – updated 8/8/2018

***Stage one – virtual phone system***

1)  Provide to

  • your name.
  • a complete street address of your new building.
  • expected opening day.
  • your cell phone number.
  • your email address.

2) Infotel establishes your virtual service

  • We provide a local voice number and establishes voice services that:
    •  fwds calls to your cell phone during business hours.
    • takes a message after 5pm and forwards to your email as a wav file.
    • is text-enabled to accept text messages and allow you to send texts to one or many customers.
  • provides you

3) Now go market yourself and your new telephone number as soon as possible!

***Stage two – physical phones complete the system***

4) You advise us when the building has power and is secure.

5) We order mid-grade Internet service for you.

6) Approve the quote

  • You decide on the # of phones you require of the “SIP 27 Mono Display”.  By default, we recommended two at the front counter. Optional third phone in the managers office.
  • We send you a formal quote that must be paid in full. It includes your first month’s service.

7) Cabling

You will need standard 568B CAT5 data jacks for each “SIP 27”  phone that:

  • is installed by a local contractor you hire.
  • provides a jack at each phone location. These are usually two phones at the reception desk. Possibly a third phone in a manager’s office.
  • runs back to a small 12 port vertical CAT5 patch panel located next to the Internet router.
  • See the red section in the diagram below.

If your Internet ISP installs the Internet device such as a cable modem under your counter, and you just have counter telephones and computers, then in wall cabling may not be required. Cover this with your contractor.

Wired connections are far more reliable than wifi and thus more cost effective in the long run.

8)  We ship you a pre-configured VoIP phone system that consist of:

  • a 4 port router (typically two phones and two counter PC) that you plug in to your Internet box.
  • phones that plug into:
    • the router directly or via the wall jack of the data cabling as described in item 7.
    • an AC outlet for power.

9)  If the telephone system fails to “plug and play”, you must be able to:

  • connect a laptop to your network and surf the Internet.
  • establish a Skype session from your cell phone so we can get a visual on what you have.

The cost of the systems isdfdfv    dd

Onetime:$495 + $99 per SIP-27 phone as pictured here.

Monthly prices are at

If we are forwarding your calls, we charge$29/mo until your phone system goes in.


This is the cabling concept for your general contractor