Voice Router Install

Voice Quality of Service

Voice and video are fragile and real-time. For quality sounding voice, our voice router needs to maintain voice (QOS) quality of service. This simply means the voice does not get delayed by a big data download. If you think of flushing a toilet while someone is taking a hot shower, you get the idea.

Common to any way we install

  • Every business office as an Internet router.  Offices with advanced Internet firewalls filter unwanted Internet traffic that an employee “let in the door”.
  • We need at least 100/20 Internet speed.
  • We prefer voice and data each exist on a separate physical LAN
  • We can connect our phones using any industry accepted method but prefer to have control over the fragile, real-time voice stream we deliver.

Ways We Install Our Phones and Voice Router

Dynamic Internet IP. No static IP exists

We are the only router or router firewall.

Single static Internet IP address

  1. We are the edge router.
  2. Your router/firewall is connected to our router’s data port.
    • In bridge mode. It filters but does not route. Your device is installed behind our router’s data port.
    • In a double NAT configuration. Your default gateway is our router’s data port.

 5 static Internet IP addresses.

Our router, using “IP drop-in mode” is on the Internet edge and invisible to you. We use (1) one WAN IP and pass (4) four WAN IP to you. Your default gateway is the ISP.

5 IP addresses and a 1GIG Internet pipe.

You have a fat 1 GB Verizon FIOS Internet pipe or Comcast Fiber connected to a 5 port “breakout” switch”. We share the Internet on separate IP’s.

  • Port 1 = The Internet
  • Port 2 = Our voice router
  • Port 3 = Your data router or router/firewall.

No voice router ( PC — plugs into –> Phones — plugs into –> LAN Wall Jack)

This is how “ship phones in a box” national VoIP firms install. The phones simply connect to your data network, get a DHCP assigned LAN address and find their way to Infotel. This works if you have plenty of Internet and a well maintained LAN. Yet, we can not fully diagnose voice quality issues with this configuration. This is our last choice. If we get voice quality issues, we will install a voice router.