We Provide Tier 2 Internet Support

Our customers need to know how to interpret flashing lights and create an Internet provider support ticket. 

If it gets complex, chronic, protracted, silly, obtuse, or #%%$#$% please PLEASE email us the ticket # and let us take over. We keep you connected !


Comcast Cable Internet - 1-800-391-3000 (And Cox Cable)

Check the lights on your Comcast Modem, you can find the info you need here: https://statuslights.com/statuslights.php?vendor=Comcast&device=

If the lights on your modem do not match what we have listed on Status Lights, try pulling the power to your Comcast Modem for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. If this step does not work, please follow the steps below:

Please have your account number ready and zip code information when you call into the automated messaging system.

Once you enter in your Account info you can say Technical Support. To do a quick check of your internet system tell the automated messaging system you are having issues with internet and it will run a modem health check. This will tell you if there are errors in the modem and ask you if you want to send a refresh signal to your modem. Sending a refresh signal to the modem will take your internet offline for 5 to 10 minutes. If this doesn’t fix your issue then you can call back and ask to speak with an Agent.

The automated messaging system should also be able to tell you if there are outages in your area as well as logging into https://business.comcast.com/.

If you have not setup an online account you can do so at https://business.comcast.com/ here you can check the status of any open tickets you have and check modem and outage statuses.

If your issue has not been resolved by either of these methods you can escalate your trouble ticket to us. Please give us the ticket Comcast issued you it will start with CR and have a string of letters and numbers behind it and we can call on your behalf.

Go to our web page www.comcastrepair.com to understand common and more technical issues.


Verizon Internet : 1-800-837-4966

Go to https://statuslights.com/statuslights.php?vendor=Verizon&device= and check light patterns on your Verizon ONT and optionally your Verizon router if we did not provide a router.

Try powering off/on router & ONT. If that does not work call their 800 number and have your phone number associated with the account, PIN or account number ready to enter into the automated system. The automated system should be able to detect if there is an issue with your service and you can request a call back.

When speaking to a Verizon Tech, they require you to be in front of their equipment to help with troubleshooting. If you need assistance, you can conference a Tech from Infotel to assist or if you have a ticket number you can give that to us and we can try to speak with them. Their tickets start with VADQ.

You should also utilize their online portal https://www.verizon.com/business/ to check on outages and check ticket statuses.

Our Tier 2 Internet Radar System

Pictured is a Internet ping graph. The red marks indicate loss of return signal. Ping is our Internet radar system that acts much like radar on a navy ship. The red marks are not a target but instead lack of a target.

The four ping graphs are;

  • The cable company Internet service provider (ISP) headend. This graph should show almost no loss.
  • Customer B geographically close to customer A and using the same cable company.
  • Customer A having the issue.
  • Our first connection outside of Infotel. This graph should show no loss as it's the other end of our fiber for one of our many Internet carriers.