Need Faster Internet or a Backup Internet?

System Features

  • Fast GIGABIT Connection.
  • QOS: This system maintains VoIP packet priority to ensure VoIP transmission over the link sounds great.
  • Secure: The narrow and low power beam is very hard to intercept. The beam electronics are also encrypted.
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance features prevent truck rolls.
  • The system has a 99.99% up-time rating and is not affected by rain or snow. Our links are less than a mile. “Rain fade” is directly proportional to the wet path traveled. A satellite dish travels over 22,000 miles from space. This travels one mile!

Physical Features of an Install

  • Non Penetrating Structure = No Roof Damage
  • We can color match the dish to existing roof screening.
  • A 1/4″ diameter outdoor rated cable feeds into your building via an existing “pitch pocket.” This install may follow the conduit for the HVAC. Such design is approved in advance.
  • Average weight is under 250 pound. The structure sits on a rubber mat.

Infotel Systems qualifications


Pictured below are various point to point microwave links for well known Richmond businesses. These systems feed Internet to a location that can’t get Internet or can join two locations together into a common local area network.


Roof screen color matched install for Highwoods Properties Tenant
Low cost 5ghz system for a construction company
High capacity 1 Ghz 60Hz system for LA Difference Furniture Company
High capacity 1 Ghz 60Hz system for multiple downtown customers