Our Story

We are Richmond’s only locally owned facilities based phone company. Owning our own (facilities) data center and controlling the transport puts us in complete control of our VoIP product. Other VoIP providers only resell VoIP services or rely on platforms housed in third- party data centers. Human error is the #1 reason data centers fail. Our skilled data center humans are Infotel employees committed to our company values.

In 1988, CEO Chuck Brodersen started Infotel by installing credit card machines and fax machines for local Richmond companies. Soon after, Verizon asked us to design telephone electronics for their marketing department. For several years we continued this design work and installed telephone jacks.

By year two we produced one of the first fax-on-demand systems available in the United States. We then went on to help out Verizon again by creating a Verizon tech ID line that received over 900 calls a day. Our solution replaced the manual system that required techs to call human operators. In the end, we saved Verizon’s Richmond dispatch center about $1500/day in labor charges!

Soon after that, we were installing phone systems. Virginia Urology Center was our first big client after Verizon…then the US Navy. In 1993, Chuck married accountant Dorothye Seward, and the business took off.

In 2000 we bought our data center, next door to Verizon’s central office and one mile from Comcast’s main hub. This location makes our VoIP connectivity to our customers outstanding. Service provider Windstream also gave us a wonderful “house-warming” gift by running dedicated fiber to our new data center from their Laburnum Avenue facility.

Today, we are the hosted VoIP phone systems authority in Richmond. Local to Richmond is our VoIP advantage. Call us and come see us. We are “Richmond’s Local Telephone Company You WANT To Talk To!”