Remote Desk Top Access to Your Office PC

Growing Coronavirus concern has caused us to produce this page. We are making the costs as reasonable as possible.


  • Remote Desktop (RDP) require either a static IP (difficult to obtain on residential service)  or a VPN appliance.
  • We use OpenVPN.  A popular, secure and free client connecting to an OpenVPN service.
  • We  train your office admin person. They also will have training on remote phone deployment and/or call forwarding. In the event of an emergency, your local admin person will speed deployment.
  • Home Internet must have at least 25 Mbps download speeds.

The OpenVPN Appliance Install

Adtran routers require a separate OpenVPN appliance. Either a Synology NAS that also acts as a file server and data backup device (call for pricing) or a security device such as

  • $500 Untangle Z4 appliance if your Internet speed is 300 Mbps or below
  • $1500 Untangle Z6 appliance if your Internet speed is over 300 Mbps

Pepwave routers have OpenVPN built in. No added purchase required. We may need to upgrade your pepwave router if remote access speeds are slow.

Remote Desktop Client Install

  • Your admin person presents a few laptops to us.
  • They follow a 1 – 2 page document to self install the laptops while we proctor.
  • We test the OpenVPN by connecting your laptops to our cell phone hotspot. This test simulates a remote connection as if the laptop was in a cafe, hotel or at home.
  • Admin is in charge of deploying to other users and providing tier 1 support but we certainly expect escalations to us.

We charge two hours to setup the clients. 2 x $124 = $248. 

Ongoing support from us

All remote desktop offices require a $62/mo support plan from us. This charge represents a 1/2 of estimated monthly time servicing the installed system.