Needs Targeted On Hold Marketing


The Variable Message On Hold feature of our telephone systems plays a specific audio ad based on

  • public data such as weather
  • CRM data retrieved by the incoming Caller ID.
  • A unique marketing DID.

The benefit is a targeted marketing message for better caller engagement with your staff. Examples are;

  • Play a specific message to a customer (telephone number) you previously flagged to drive a concept.
  • A hardware store plays a message for rain coats when it is raining. Snow shovels when it’s snowing.
  • Play a different message for repeat callers.
  • Lock in the same message when caller interest is indicated.

The targeted messages plays from the beginning when/as;

  • caller is placed on hold.
  • caller enters a customer service queue.
  • caller waits in a message queue with escalating messages such as "You are caller #3, estimated wait time is 3 minutes", and then deliver targeted content.

On Hold Message Production Options

We highly recommend for a custom on hold message production. With this choice, we can program variable messages to play based on the callers profile. For 2024, we will pay your first year program costs if you choose to develop a “Targeted on Hold Messaging” program.

Any audio file you provide us will be loaded to your system at no cost.

While a custom production performs, we maintain a license for on hold music from for our customers. Please choose any music file and we will install it for free.