Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems

This is an archive page written in 2018. The KX-NS700 will be end-of-life in 2028. 

Why invest in a Panasonic PBX System for your Business?

The U.S. Government buys Panasonic PBX systems from us to install on their floating assets. The reason is:

  • Panasonic is the #1 selling system worldwide; service and parts are available in any port worldwide.
  • A Panasonic PBX is dependable due to Panasonic being a billion dollar/year manufacturing giant.
  • Panasonic PBX systems are energy efficient, and ultra flexible in what devices can connect to it.

Some customers want an in-house PBX/Key System.  A premises-based Panasonic PBX business telephone system offers these advantages:

  • You are not paying a hosted provider a monthly per phone fee.
  • It has the ability to use ultra-reliable digital phones with older telephone cabling. Your phones are not on your computer network.
  • It has analog ports for fax machines, credit card, time clock, alarm.
  • Interfaces exist for door boxes and gate controllers. The interface is all Panasonic. Other vendors must use third party devices with poor integration.
  • A Panasonic PBX can mix VoIP SIP trunks with POTS lines for existing for alarm systems.
  • Seven year factory warranty! Panasonic makes their own telephones; thus, the warranty is very affordable.
  • The industry leading multi-cell cordless phone adds these advanced features:
    • Hands-free auto answer. Wear on your belt and respond to pages without touching the phone.
    • Standard walkie-talkies allow one transmitter. Panasonic allows 32 which means you can have an audio conference!
    • Full duplex conversation; no “press to talk”,  just talk.
    • Extended walkie-talkie feature range across the world. The central antennas are IP. Have two offices 1000 miles apart and communicate in real-time!
    • Low cost and customer movable repeater allows customer ability to fill in dead spots in your enterprise coverage.
    • Open magnetic door latches and gates from cordless with one button touch.

Combine digital phones with our VPN delivered SIP trunks and you will have a very reliable and secure communication system.

For phone systems with 100 sets and below, Panasonic ranks #1 worldwide and #3 in the U.S.A.