Simple Cordless Phones Connect Like this Red Phone.

If your vendor offers you a cordless phone of a different brand than your desk phones or PBX system, then you are getting the same features offered in the red desk phone above. It rings, it answers, it hangs up (very well actually).

Consider the many benefits for using Panasonic rugged wireless phones over simple cordless phones or your employees personal cell phones. 

Panasonic Makes the #1 Rated Cordless Wireless Phones.

Panasonic wireless phones are digitally integrated with the controlling PBX. This means they have the intelligence and complete integration to be a suitable phone for a receptionist, call center agent, or call center supervisor.  The advanced features are compared to other mobility options available on the market:

Cordless HeadsetCordless SIP phone
on Hosted PBX
Analog Phone
on Premise PBX
Multi-Cell DECT
on Premise PBX
ModelPlantronics CS540 + EHS adapterGenericGenericPanasonic
KX-TCA285 phone
KX-T0155 base station
Cost (not including install)$295$100 and added monthly fee.$50-$100$295 per phone
$229 for base station
FeaturesAnswer, mute and hangupJust like an analog phoneIt IS an analog phoneFull system phone feature set
Range100 feetAs far as your wifi goes100 feet150 feet
Added range optionNoNoNoYes - Add cell sites and repeaters
Call QualityVery GoodAs good as your wifi systemVery goodExcellent
Frequency1.9GhzUses your wifi 2.4ghz or 5ghz frequencieswired connectionDedicated 1.9 ghz frequency
Available factory extended warrantyNo90 days to 1 year90 days to 1 year7 years
Can answer and make callsNo. Can't make callsYesYesYes
Recommended for receptionist useYes, but don't stray too far from your deskNoNoYes! Total mobile solution.
Weight of lightest unit2.5 oz10 oz10oz3 oz
Hands-free auto answer on intercom and CONoGet a demo! Not easy to do.NoYes
Bluetooth headsetNASomeNoYes
Consumer Reports??????Highest rated cordless phone
Google?Highest rated cordless phone