Reasons for a Business Desk Phone

reasons for a business desk phone

OSHA employee alarm requirement 

OSHA section 1910.165 states organizations with 10+ employees are required to have an alarm system.

  • an employee alarm system
  • monthly signal training (solid beep =  exit via the warehouse and double beep = exit via the front door)
  • with power backup such as a UPS
  • monthly testing

The [voice all page] function of your VoIP telephone set best accomplishes this requirement and negates the need for monthly system training and testing.

FCC E911 Compliance

FCC rules obligate service providers of VoIP phone systems and cell phones to send an “E911 dispatchable location” to the local authority when an end user dials 911. Cellular providers have until 2025 to deploy this technology but VoIP providers are required today. Thus, only a desk phone meets the E911 requirement.

Inter-office communication features

Complete more of your tasks with fast and efficient real-time communications

  • Off hook answer – You can’t answer your cell phone hands free. A desk phone allows you to instantly collaborate hands-free with a coworker for a quick question.
  • Busy Lamps – Desk phones show the status of workers as idle or on their phone.  With one touch, you can program an intercom call as soon as they hang-up the phone.

You work in a team

Calls to the support or sales group can be distributed to your peers in the order you press their log-in buttons. Press [Log Peter]  then [Log Paul]  then [Log Mary] and Peter is on the front lines with Mary answering calls only when Peter and Paul are busy.  Two teams workers can answer 5x as many calls and thus complete 5x the customer transactions vs having calls go to a single voicemail box.


Mobile devices are distracting. After taking a call, employees browse the internet, check email, and wasting time in apps. Studies show that workers spend an hour a day using a cell for non-work activities. Availability of employee desk phones reduces time waste and boosts productivity.

Use Both !

We can make desk and cell ring together as a shared extension and  your business land line.

We can also make your cell phone send your office phone number.

In todays tight labor market, investment in worker productivity and worker safety via VoIP desk phones integrated with personal cell phones is a business investment with a high rate of return.