Hosted PBX + Your Cell Phones

Typically, cell phone users port their number to this platform. When callers call your business phone number, the system answers with an automated attendant and provides choices :

  • Take a message and send that message to any email inbox as a .wav file with text transcription
  • Transfer to staff cell phones or any land line
  • Ring up to four phones (such as an emergency response choice)

Using the above three features, your message may sound like this:
“You have reached ABC company. To leave a general message, press 1; to reach Bob, press 2; if this is an emergency, press 3.”

This is the Ultimate Spam Blocker

Spam blocking programs only block calls from a spam database. The spammers are on to that and will make calls from local numbers similar to YOUR cell phone number. To block, you need to answer with an automated attendant.

 Hosted PBX + Your Cell Phones include these services:

The same platform is used in our Disaster Recovery services:

Low Risk Investment:

  • We don’t obligate you to any long-term service agreements. We believe that being good at what we do is the way to keep your business.
  • Well run, family business since 1988. We own our data center property and everything in it. We are not a highly leveraged technology company.

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