Dependable Online fax for the 804 area code

Fax Solutions

Fax to Email

$10.00/mo. per inbound fax number.

This is an inbound-only fax service. Faxes come to a designated email address such as  as a PDF file attachment.

 We match pricing and service volumes one-to-one with

Print to Fax

$10/mo. per installed PC. (Windows PC or Mac OS) 

This is an outbound-only fax service. Sending faxes is as easy as using an office printer. We install a “facsimile printer” program on your PC.

To send a fax you:

    • Select the fax printer
    • Input the destination telephone number
    • Select/edit a cover sheet
  • Press send

You get an email receipt of the success or failure of your fax sent.

Traditional Fax Line (Hosted Fax line)

$29.95/mo. per line + $150 one-time. 

This is simply a fax line for your old paper fax machine. We install a special adapter that converts the Fax line into a VoIP signal that connects back to the Infotel Systems data center. It’s a better fax line than a Comcast or Verizon faxline.

Fax Online Security Policy:

  • We do not keep facsimile images after transmission. The images are only buffered in solid state memory until emailed.
  • Email addresses are never used or distributed.
  • Our products are HIPAA compliant.


We are hosted fax experts and process all faxes at our Richmond data center.  We would be a great choice for business faxing from the 804 area code to US destinations. Why, in short, we are close to you Richmond!

We maintain an ultra-low faxing error rate. Many fax systems have high failure rates of as much as 10%. Our specially engineered system keeps these error rates under 2%, which leads the industry.

Discounts are as follows for $10/mo products.

  • Two items = 2 x $9 = $18/mo.
  • Three items = 3 x $8 = $24/mo.
  • Four items = 4 x $7 = $28/mo.
  • Five items = 5 x $6 = $30/mo.