Dependable Online fax for the 804 area code

Our Fax Solutions

Quality Assurance in Faxing

Telecommunication carriers underestimated the demise of faxing. Fax failures are increasing due to poor VoIP equipment from the sender. Some carriers won’t even certify faxing on their networks. Comcast fiber based PBX connections require a separate coax connection and POTS adapter just for the fax machine. Whoops! Yet, faxing is very secure. So, the issues won’t go away and need to be managed.
We process 1000’s of faxes every day. We use the best fax carrier and the best equipment. Our inbound fax to email is the best in the business. If you don’t get a fax, we are going to look at the sender. If you do have any faxing issues, we will scientifically  trace the problem and show you logs to trace down the source of the issue. If it is us, that will be our once a year issue.

Fax to Email

$10.00/mo. per inbound fax number.

This is an inbound-only fax service. Faxes come to a designated email address such as  as a PDF file attachment.

 We match pricing and service volumes one-to-one with

Print to Fax

$10/mo. per installed PC. (Windows PC or Mac OS) 

This is an outbound-only fax service. Sending faxes is as easy as using an office printer. We install a “facsimile printer” program on your PC.

To send a fax you:

    • Select the fax printer
    • Input the destination telephone number
    • Select/edit a cover sheet
  • Press send

You get an email receipt of the success or failure of your fax sent.

Traditional Fax Line (Hosted Fax line)

$29.95/mo. per line + $150 one-time. 

This is simply a fax line for your old paper fax machine. We install a special adapter that converts the Fax line into a VoIP signal that connects back to the Infotel Systems data center. It’s a better fax line than a Comcast or Verizon faxline.

Fax Online Security Policy:

  • We do not keep facsimile images after transmission. The images are only buffered in solid state memory until emailed.
  • Email addresses are never used or distributed.
  • Our products are HIPAA compliant.


We are hosted fax experts and process all faxes at our Richmond data center.  We would be a great choice for business faxing from the 804 area code to US destinations. Why, in short, we are close to you Richmond!

We maintain an ultra-low faxing error rate. Many fax systems have high failure rates of as much as 10%. Our specially engineered system keeps these error rates under 2%, which leads the industry.

Discounts are as follows for $10/mo products.

  • Two items = 2 x $9 = $18/mo.
  • Three items = 3 x $8 = $24/mo.
  • Four items = 4 x $7 = $28/mo.
  • Five items = 5 x $6 = $30/mo.