Service Intake Prioritization for Busy Organizations

We can make a positive improvement to your customer service intake. Many customers have said our automation has “almost created another employee” in efficiency. These automated systems are completely accurate and thus their performance is repeatable.

Voicemail Transcription: sends a text version of the audio message to your email  with a grade on keywords by using the technology of our Infotel AI platform.

Benefits: keyword highlighted voicemail messages make urgent matters stand out over routine messages.   

Direct dial telephone numbers: can be given out that will ring a specific telephone system extension or department during the day and take voicemail messages at night.

Benefits: Prioritize customers without giving out your personal cell phone number. Deflect accounting calls to your book keeper.   

Service Intake Queuing: Decide what phones ring first for service intake by the order logged in. We do this on morning tactical meetings to allow those busy with a project to ring LAST.

Benefits: Empower employee advancement by allowing “quiet hours” to work mentally challenging tasks without frontline phone answering responsibility. They know the calls they take are only because all agents are busy and the que had 3 minute holding calls.

Queue Position Prompts: Tells your callers their estimated wait time and position in line for answer.

Benefits: Let’s callers know they are next in line and it can be their decision to hold or leave a message.

Text Message Enabled Business Number: We text enable your business number to receive text messages to an attendant screen.  You can say “Call or Text for information”. The system can send a receipt of text immediately.

Benefits: Customers needs delivered via 140 character requests. (The last sentence is just 52 characters long!)

Caller ID Masking: Calls returned from our cell phone app show your office phone number.

Benefits: Your personal cell phone number stays private as you return a few calls from your escape venue.  

Employee Answering Service: Your employees can take calls outside the office hands-free. They collect all required information using the “cheat” card on the back of their cell phone or posted with a promise of fulfillment.  Our AI system transcribes the audio to an “intake ticket” and forwards this to staff.  A ticket for a veterinary clinic may look like this.

Agent: What is your name

Caller: My name is Chuck Brodersen

Agent: What is your telephone number?

Caller : My cell phone is  804-266-6600

Agent: Are you calling from your cell now and if so, may we text you an appointment time?

Caller: Yes.

Agent: What is your Pet’s name?

Caller: Her name is lucy. 

Agent: What medications does Lucy take?

Caller: She is on trimethoprim-sulfa and also heart worm medicine. 


In our R&D lab

Caller ID Priority Routing: A priority customer calling from their cell phone can be granted priority ringing for 24 hours. You simply mark active calls by pressing a [Priority] button on the Infotel Systems desktop phone. If this same customer calls back within 24 hours, they bypass your menu and ring through with a unique  ring.

Benefits: Provide temporary prioritization for temporary urgent matters.

Wireless Headsets with “Priority caller” prompt and handsfree answer.

Benefits: Answer a priority caller hands-free.