Our #1 Priority is VoIP Audio Quality

This is why we pickup the phone. After many emails, sometimes you need to talk to someone. And you need to be clear in your message.

Ask your VOIP sales person how far is the drive to their VoIP  switch?

You will find other Richmond providers actually are not local at all. Your voice calls may take a long trip out of state just to call within Richmond.

Our connection to the INSIDE of your RVA Internet provider reduces the impact of cyber attacks that cause ISP’s to disconnect national links and recover. National companies can’t afford to do this. Nor can Infotel provide this architecture to the nation.  We “dedicate” ourselves to RVA. Your welcome Richmond!

We own and work at our Richmond VOIP data center

We are not rebillers nor sales agents. We designed our platform from the ground up to provide great voice quality. We bought a data center 50 feet from Verizon www.infotelsystems.com/about-infotel . Google “reasons for data center outages” Too big to fail is NOT the reality. We are  a small, well run VOIP optimized data center.

We monitor and fix your Internet (that delivers the voice)

  • You have Comcast? We operate www.comcastrepair.com and consult nationally.
  • You have Verizon FIOS? We are next door to Verizon and have the inside track on any RVA Verizon issues.
  • Windstream – We have dedicated Windtream fiber direct to their Laburnum Ave Richmond data center.
  • Level 3 – We have dedicated fiber connections to Level3.

These multiple connections are the foundation to our software-defined network. We will see what you see if your Internet provider is having an issue.

We don’t compress our audio

Some providers use compressed g.729 audio to save on their utility costs and because they are far away from Richmond.  We use uncompressed g.711 for the highest quality sound. We can provide you testimonials to a few well known Richmond musicians and one church organist who can attest to the quality difference!

Your calls and even you on=hold music sounds better. Just another example of the Infotel

Net Neutrality changes in 2017? Not an issue for us

Research the FCC chairman’s position on net neutrality.  https://www.google.com/#q=fcc+chairman+net+neutrality

We connect to you INSIDE the local 804 network of your carrier.  Our signal does not go through carrier hotels like the regional firms.  Net Neutrality  is the restriction of bandwidth occurring in the carrier-to-carrier hand offs in these “carrier hotels”. We call this the Netflix buffering effect.  Unlike national firms, our signal does not traverse carrier hotels on it’s way to you.