Microsoft Teams Integration

This document assumes you are already using Microsoft Teams. Now you want to link Teams with your Infotel Telephone System or wish to use Teams AS your only telephone system.

Using Teams as Your Only Telephone System

We will consult in a conference  with your Microsoft Teams representative. Our function is help deploy telephone functions in Teams as you had with your legacy telephone system. Typical needs are;

  • Integrate Teams with  door boxes and door open functions you may have had on your old phone system.
  • Maintain fax and alarm lines.
  • Integrating overhead paging as required by OSHA.
  • Integrating analog phones often used in a warehouse or on a manufacturing plant.
  • VoIP cabling for Teams desk phones
  • Installation of complex audio conference systems.
  • E911 setup as required law.

    Teams Integrated with Our Hosted Telephone System

The above applies as well as an integration component called Direct Routing.

Direct Routing Integration

Direct routing allows you to save $12/user per month when desiring connectivity to the (PSTN) Public Switched Telephone Network. In other words, any Team member that wishes to call outside of the Team environment to a cell phone needs a $12/month license.

Microsoft license add-on costs/user  per month

We will use the vernacular you will see online to make sense of this.

  • Phone System = $8 (unless you have an E5 account)
  • Domestic Calling Plan = $12 (3000 minutes of long distance /mo)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice = $20 (above two combined)

Microsoft Added costs

  • Long distance rates are anywhere from 1.2 cents /min for calls to the UK and up. (we offer this at a flat rate)
  • Conferencing cost $4/mo

Audio Conferences

With Direct Routing, when users participate in a scheduled conference, the dial-in number is provided by Microsoft Audio Conferencing service, which requires proper licensing. When dialing out, the Microsoft Audio Conferencing service places the call using online calling capabilities, which requires proper licensing. (Note if a user does not have a Microsoft Audio Conferencing license, the call routes through Direct Routing.)