Microsoft Teams Integration

This document assumes you are already using Microsoft Teams. Teams pricing is based this document

Wish to use Teams as your only telephone system? We suggest you also us to integrate the two to provide a far better phone system.


Teams vs. Teams + Infotel Telephone System

FeatureTeams as a phone systemInfotel Phone System with Teams Integration
Office paging as required by OSHANoYes
Outbound Caller IDA separate numberOne number.
Teams Trunks to call from Teams to the outside worldSeparate monthly costOn time fee, no monthly cost
Door boxes and door relaysNo integrationFully integrated. Answer door call from phones and open door from phone.
Analog phones for warehouseNoYes
Cordless phonesNoYes
E911 complianceNo. Can't determine location of caller. Yes. The desk phone designates a specific street address and even an area for larger facilities.
Cost for a Phone System per user$15/mo (Office 365 plans)
$21/mo (Microsoft 365 plans)
$18/mo and it's a far better phone system. Discounts may apply. Call us for a quote


Teams + Infotel Hosted Telephone System Features

Teams calling to the Outside World 

Turning Teams into a phone system cost you $15/mo per user. Our integration covers this cost.

Blended Audio Conferences

We link Teams conferencing with the resources of our audio conference platform to blend Teams endpoints with outside parties calling from possibly a cell phone or vacation landline phone.

Teams Dialer Works with Our Phones

Click on a phone number from your Teams contact list, your Infotel Systems desk phone system makes the call.

Two Line Desk Phone 

Your desk phone can make Teams calls and traditional office phone system calls. Think Line 1 and Line 2. Incoming calls from either environment ring your phone.