Why Our Telephone Number Porting Works


We hear countless stories of businesses being down for hours or even days when changing carriers. We have an excellent track record in handling ports because of the simple steps we take:

1. We always port at 8 am. Our carriers know we do this and our staff knows this. We chose this time because it allows our technicians to start fresh and have the ability to monitor the port for the entire day.

2. We install duplicate service at new locations, so your day-to-day operations can continue while we are working on the port. This ensures that the port won’t fail due to the lines being too congested.

3. We install and verify systems with test numbers. Then the ported telephone number moves to a proven path.

4. On port day, we have the direct phone number of the port person. Ports are a tightly federally-regulated process. A technician logs into a secure portal and basically pushes a button. Ports fail when you are 3 persons removed from the person with the button!

5. We engineer for failure such as adding remote call forwarding to the old circuit at the old site. If the port can’t happen, we simply forward service to the test number at the new site.

6. We are not a resale company. We are a real telephone company registered with the FCC. We have wholesale service relationships with most carriers involved in the port