Zoom - MS Teams - Webex Compatible Conference System


Pictures is the overall schematic. Hang a 65" or better TV on the wall with a small NUC media PC behind it and connect in to the Konftel 800 system as a Microsoft recognized speaker and microphone device.

The NUC PC connections are;

  • USB web camera.
  • Ethernet connection to your network
  • HDMI to TV
  • Keyboard & mouse Bluetooth dongle
  • 50' power USB cable run to the Konftel 800 on your conference table

NUC media PC

Hidden behind the wall TV. The NUC PC has these connections. 

  • HDMI for Wall TV video and sound
  • Ethernet cable to jack behind TV.
  • USB for wireless keyboard & mouse dongle
  • 50' USB cable to Konftel 800

Konftel 800

This sits in the middle of your conference table. Two cables are run from this device through the center of the table;

  • an ethernet cable to your computer network. This allows the device to act as s SIP conference device on audio only calls.
  • a 50 foot active USB cable to your PC. This provides a Microsoft speaker and microphone device (connection) to your PC. 

5 Microphone System


Add two external microphones to a single Konftel 800.
The microphone cables are 10 feet long.

Network three Konftel 800 units together.
The cables allow units to be 20 feet apart.

9 Microphone System


Web Camera

We use a Microsoft camera mounted above the TV or a tiny "invisible" camera mounted on the edge of the conference table. The camera connects to the PC using a USB cable and appears as a Microsoft camera.

The microphone is disabled soas to not compete with the conference system.


Prevent Echo !

Finally put plenty of soft materials all around. Carpet on the floor, fabric pictures, hanging banners, plants, etc.