Zoom - MS Teams - Webex AV Conference System

The customer supplies 1 or 2 TVs and wall mount kits.
We provide the required Intel NUC PC at cost. (Are you recalculating spreadsheets or are you just "zooming".
We charge a cabling/install fee and rent with full maintenance the remaining components.


Overall Schematic

Hang a nice 4K TV on the wall with a small NUC media PC behind it and connect in to the Konftel 800 system as a Microsoft recognized audio media device.

The NUC PC connections are;

  • USB web camera.
  • Ethernet connection to your network. (Install two jacks behind TV)
  • HDMI to TV
  • Keyboard & mouse Bluetooth dongle
  • 50' power USB cable run to the Konftel 800 system on your conference table
  • AC power outlet behind your TV

You Provide the TV and Tilting TV Mount

We require a quality mount. We suggest Costco.

The pictured mount is the SANUS Preferred 42"-90" Tilting TV Mount Item 1738004 Model SLT4-B3.

It is strong and allows for electronics access.

Have these on site before electrician.






  • Temporary hangs TV mount with drywall screws, DO  NOT install TV without proper hardware!
  • Cuts in outlets within open space of TV mount as shown.
  • Provide electrical outlet and ethernet cabling.

Konftel 800 IP Conference Phone

This sits in the middle of your conference table. Two cables are run from this device through the center of the table;

  • an ethernet cable to your computer network. This allows the device to act as s SIP conference device on audio only calls.
  • a 50 foot active USB cable to your PC. This provides a Microsoft speaker and microphone device (connection) to your PC. 

5 Microphone System
Konftel 800 + 2 Konftel Smart Mics 


Above - small conference room
Just the Konftel 800 is considered the small conference room system. A 10 x 10 room.

Left - Our demo room setup
Add two external Konftel Smart microphones to a single Konftel 800.
The microphone cables are 10 feet long. This is our demo room setup.

Large conference room
Network three Konftel 800 units together.
The cables allow units to be 20 feet apart.

9 Microphone System
3 x Konftel 800


Intel NUC media PC

Hidden behind the wall TV. The NUC PC has these connections. 

  • HDMI for Wall TV video and sound
  • Ethernet cable to jack behind TV.
  • USB for wireless keyboard & mouse dongle
  • 50' USB cable to Konftel 800

Center of Screen Web Camera

We like the Eye to Eye web cam 3 as pictured. This camera connects to the PC using a USB cable and appears as a Microsoft camera.

The microphone is disabled soas to not compete with the conference system.

You will not notice this camera 5 minutes into your video conference.


Prevent Echo !

Finally put plenty of soft materials all around. Carpet on the floor, fabric pictures, hanging banners, plants, etc.