Coronavirus Communication Advisory for Our Customers

To our customers. Coronavirus is our shared concern.  Prepare for a remote office in your home or alternate place of business. Please review these instructions and instruct us to establish the required service before you need them.  To be kind in these trying times, we have included useful free options or options not sold from Infotel Systems. Your safety is our greatest concern.

IT customers

  • For secure remote desktop (RDP) needs
  • For a few users, or similar service is cost effective. Please contact them directly.
  • Mass email. We use mailchimp and other tools for mass emails. We send 100,000 faxes, voice messages, call reports and such by email every month. Consult with us one-on-one or bring two friends to our office for a free 1 hour “when I leave it’s done” setup.

Hosted Voice Customers

Take your VoIP Phone Home

We believe in voice security and voice quality as a necessary thing. In you office, a special voice router accomplishes this.

For home use, we have two options.

  1. Home router for $15/mo. Allows us to monitor your Internet and provides VPN security. Best  when voice quality must be near perfect.
  2. $0/mo. We remotely configure your phone for built-in VPN.  Works if you have Verizon FIOS or can tolerate occasional voice quality blips.

Forwarding Features included with all plans

  • You should have a call flow designed with a forwarding method implemented such as night mode, holiday/weather mode or “break” mode already in place. We update these at no cost.
  • For remote phone answering. Ask for the Panasonic or Yealink “first day” phone guide. We have embellished options for taking calls remotely.
    • Forwarding your desk phone to cell phone.
    • Office main number receptionist forward mode to cell phones.
    • Cell phone software “softphone” to handle calls as if you where in the office. It’s basically a line 2 on your cell phone that can ring with the office main number. Free for your receptionist.

Disaster Recovery Solutions. $9/mo per account.

  • – This is a simple service that allows you to make calls from your office yet show your office telephone number. One account per cell phone.
  • – Communicate with your team via text broadcast or audio conference. You would only need one account per office.
  • – Receive and send text messages from your landline telephone number. You would only need one account per office.
  • – A variety of fax options for a home user. Our medical clients still use fax.