Hosted and Managed Systems Cost

Business Office Phone System Cost

Big phone company quotes never include all taxes and fees. Always ask for a a “check amount” quote.

Our monthly system pricing is simple. $80 + $23/phone plus the mandated government taxes and fees listed below. This is turnkey system with unlimited calling, maintenance and support.

ItemMonthly Cost Added VA TaxTax basis
Base support fee per account$650No tax on services.
Router + Switch Equipment Fee per site$15.06VA sales tax
Voice Service to VoIP endpoint. *$18.05VA communications tax
Endpoint rental fee: Desk Phone, Android Client or Apple softphone$5.06VA sales tax
Universal service fund (USF) per VoIP endpoint fee$1.05VA sales tax . This is the only "tax on tax"
911 per site$.750VA 911 Tax

* Voice Service to a cell phone, mailbox or a courtesy phone is $8/mo. The above provides you a full working and powerful phone system. Systems have a one-time $300 install fee. Below are some options you may want.

Voice Endpoint Options

ItemMonthly CostTax RateTax Basis
Long Range DECT Cordless Phone and separate base station.$10.06VA Sales Tax
Bluetooth wireless headset w/ 35 foot range. $7.06VA Sales Tax
Long range wireless headset w/ 150' range$10.06VA Sales Tax
Wired headset with 3.5mm plug$1.50.06VA Sales Tax
Wired headset with EHS adapter$3.06VA Sales Tax
Wired IP conference Phone$20.06VA Sales Tax
Audio Conference - Konftel 800 + 2 ext mics + Zoom/Teams/Webex USB audio Interface to PC *$35.06
Audio paging horn$33.06VA Sales Tax


ItemMonthly CostTax RateTax Basis
FAX INBOUND-Basic Fax to email as PDF per fax number$10.05VA Communications Tax
FAX OUTBOUND-Fax printer driver per office site$10.05VA Communications Tax
Fax line for a paper fax machine or Fax SIP trunk$32.95.05VA Communications Tax
Managed Fax Server (8 port)
Compare us to 24/7 maintenance agreement
$190.06VA Sales Tax

Text Messaging

ItemMonthly CostAdded VA TaxTax Basis
Text Enable -
Sends to an email address, respond by web form.

$29.95 per email address.05VA Communications Tax
Text App
Manage text using smart phone client.
Text are distributed to logged in agent.
Conversations can be transferred to another agent.
$29.95 per agent
(per smart phone)
.05VA Communications Tax
Group texting and audio conference system
For internal company dedicated team use only.
$29.95 per team.05VA Communications Tax

Voice Utility Options

ItemMonthly CostTax RateTax Basis
800 number$25.05VA Communications Tax
International Service$25.05
Extra telephone number for extension direct dial, marketing tracking or for another city/state office. $1.05VA Communications Tax
Added conference channels beyond your number of phones$1.05VA Communications Tax
IP Voice Trunk (Requires $65 base support fee + $15 router fee)$24.95.05VA Communications Tax
Call forward a number to another number. Referral recordings are just $5/mo$35/mo.05VA Communications Tax

Voice Feature Options

ItemMonthly CostTax RateTax Basis
Call Queuing$35.06VA Communications Tax
Call Reporting - Call Detail Records$0NANA
Call Reporting - Call Center $2500No VA tax in information services and support
AI Analysis of calls$80 base + $20 per extension0No VA tax in information services and support
Cell Gateway $15.05VA Communications Tax

Data Router and Access Point Options (Premise device)

ItemMonthlyTaxTax Basis
WiFi access point maintenance. First/ remaining
$19/$12.06VA Tax security firewall with support up to 25 users / 50 users$135 /$175.06VA Tax
Ethernet switch 24 port$15.06VA Tax
Internet support (We monitor and call in ticket) $15.06VA Tax
VPN or other secure connection to a 3rd party hosted service provider such as a medical CRM.$200No Tax on Support

Servers, Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones (Premise or Virtual)

Server TypeMonthlyComment
Windows Server OS$168
Hyper-V or VMWare Host OS$168
Hosted MS365 or Google email$62You should be able to do this yourselves.
Linux NAS file server$68Requires a data backup plan
Desktop, Laptop (Domain Controller & Strict Group Policy/Without$49/$79Rate for device under manufacturers hardware warranty.
Veeam Instant Recovery to (RDP) Remote Desktop Sessions $149We also charge a 1x setup fee for MS Server; license, desktop application setup, and testing. We ask that you test your DR plan once a year.
Data or entire image backup for any serverCall usYou need local, offsite and also offline copies not connected to a server.

Internet Services

ItemMonthly CostAdd VA TaxTax Basis
Internet monitoring and escalations$150No tax on services
4G backup full voice & emergency data $490No tax on data
Microwave Internet link rental w/ maintenance. (One time install cost is quoted)$150 .06VA Sales Tax
Rooftop antenna for 4G$50.06VA Sales Tax


No surprise fees

  • All managed services agreements where equipment is rented;
    • includes full support and maintenance.
    • zero install labor fees on communication systems.
  • USF fees are subject to VA communications tax. This is the only tax on tax. We charge a flat $1 per phone even though we must pay anywhere from $.95 to $1.12 a month due to quarterly government tax tables.
  • As we try our best to make taxes flat to you, the quote you get will be your monthly charges. You pay that up front and the billing starts when you are using our system.
  • As listed, we charge only required government taxes. We never charge “fake” taxes such as a business license recovery fee, paper invoice fee, energy surcharge fee, regulatory compliance admin fee. We pay our own business taxes internally as a business should!
  • We charge a small install fee and require a one year term and then the agreement converts to a month-to-month agreement. We don’t sell auto-renewal agreements. Who can remember that! You may choose to have a term at any time.

Why do we rent?

  • Due to supply chronic supply issues, we may need to replace broken equipment with used equipment.
  • We provide great service and a rented device makes everything our responsibility.
  • It saves you on personal property tax.
  • It allows for our profit (yes, we said that) not subject to our federal governments huge USF taxes which in June of 2022 was 33%.